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CAAN's purpose in posting this website is twofold: To inform Washington area citizens about the pollution problems caused by our airports, and to get local citizens to help us and themselves by becoming involved in the issue of aircraft noise and emissions pollution.

Most people are aware of the aircraft noise problem. We hear it every day. But it is the emissions problem which is insidious because one cannot hear or see it. The fact that these emissions appear to be causing health problems (e.g. increases in cancer, heart, and respiratory diseases) at major airports around the country is not yet realized by the general public. One of CAAN's goals is to bring this information to you, the Washington D. C. Metro resident, so you can become informed and get involved. Talk to your neighbors about the issue, and through your civic associations let your elected representatives know what actions you want taken to end this source of pollution.

There are 10 pages to this site including this one. Here is a listing and the basic content of each:


Home page : navigation bar, mission statement, and CAAN address.

News Items : this page posts articles and commentary which discuss actions taken by the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority (MWAA), Congress, and international organizations, all of which affect us.

Get the Facts : this page answers questions which many people have regarding our airports, their location and layout, how noise is measured, the measured noise levels in the Washington area, how to apply for noise mitigation money, FAA operations, and the role of the Metropolitan Council of Governments.

Sound Footprints : Two pages, one for National Airport and one for Dulles International Airport. For people who want to know just how far the noise footprint extends from the centerline of the aircraft flight, this page will demonstrate how high that sound level is. These are an interactive pages, and readers can adjust the noise level of the aircraft, its climb angle, and its direction of flight. If you want to see the difference between the noise footprint of a Boeing hush-kitted 727 (84 dBA SEL) and a 757 (72 dBA SEL) this will show you. Notice how soon and where the 55 dBA footprint disappears between the two. (Note: AOL users may not be able to get this applet to run)

CAAN History : This page gives the history of CAAN and what it has achieved. It also lays out the areas in which we are presently working.

History of National Airport: The history of National Airport written by Dr. Nancy Knickerbocker. This history covers from 1926 to 1990. A section has been added by CAAN to bring the reader up to date on subsequent actions.


E-mail Center : This page provides e-mail addresses and telephone numbers (for those without e-mail) of elected members of Congress from the District, suburban Maryland, and Virginia, Office of the President and Vice President, pertinent Congressional committees, and elected state, and local officials. You can directly contact these people to state your concerns.

Tel. Complaints : If you want to contact the two airports (National and Dulles) to complain about aircraft activity over or near your home, this page lists telephone numbers to file those complaints.

Contact Us : This page provides a vehicle for supporters to contact CAAN by e-mail. We try to respond within one or two days.

Donate Now : We hope our readers will get involved with the aircraft pollution issue, and in so doing become supporters of CAAN. This page provides a method to contribute to CAAN.


Other Groups : CAAN is affiliated with other like-minded aviation environmental groups. Sometimes these organizations can give a different slant to an issue and therefore help you understand it better.